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Hello, we are the Blue Frenchies!

We breed awesome French Bulldogs for over 16 years.
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    Superbly Bred English Pedigree Golden Retrievers & French Bulldogs

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30 Years Experience
Ethical Breeder
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We are Northern-Lites…

The Finest Breeder of English Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs in Thailand
Established in 1988, Northern-Lites French Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers are purebred canines that carry the highest-quality genetic material from a long line of healthy ancestors. 
We ensure that all our dogs are DNA tested to highlight, eradicate, and protect future bloodlines from any potential health issues.
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34 years of British Excellence

French Bulldog Puppies

Northern-Lites French Bulldogs

100% Purebred & ethically raised French bulldogs that are eager to fill your days with love and affection. This bundle of joy comes with all the good manners they need to get along with adults, children, and pets in their new family.
Starting From ฿ 64000
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Why You Will Love Our Puppies

Buy French Bulldogs in Thailand

Charming Personality.

Northern-Lites Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs are the perfect companion for those looking for an intelligent, smart, and family-friendly Golden Retriever & French Bulldog for sale in Thailand. 

They are loyal companions that will not only keep you moving but will infect you with their energy level.
golden puppies

Family-Sized Features

The typically mature, healthy Northern-Lites Golden Retriever weighs between 27–33kg and is 51-59cm tall. Whereas a mature French bulldog weighs 7–13kg and is about 30cm tall.
They are not too small that you need to watch your steps so you don’t fall on them. Neither are the Golden Retrievers so big that car rides become an uncomfortable experience.
golden puppies
Golden Retrievers in Thailand

Adorable Nature.

Northern-Lites puppies are weaned from their mother by the eighth week and are usually available for adoption at that time. 
Both males and females have the same cool, easy-going temperament and are fond of little kids. 
A Northern-Lites puppy will choose their favourite human within the first 3 weeks of joining your family… and they never pick the wrong person.
Northern-Lites French Bulldogs in Thailand

Bold and Attractive Coat Colour.

At Northern-Lites, we do not breed French Bulldogs or Golden Retrievers specifically for colour or other designer features. 
Our Golden Retrievers have low-maintenance, dark fur that is generally compatible with allergy sufferers.
Need to be sure? We can arrange for you to come and perform an allergy test before taking your puppy to its new home and family
We make deliveries to dog-loving families in Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chaing mai.
Northern-Lites French Bulldogs in Thailand

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Need a Furry Frenchie or Golden Retriever To Complete Your Family?

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Our Favourites

Retrievers & French Bulldogs

Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs

Northern-Lites Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs is a family-run training & breeding kennel dedicated to producing a small number of healthy field-bred puppies each year.
Looking for healthy Golden Retrievers & French Bulldogs for sale in Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket? We make deliveries to dog-loving families in Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chaing Mai.
2/4 Moo 7, Soi 63, Chaofa Road
Chalong, A.Muang, Phuket 8300
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