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30 Years Experience
Ethical Breeder
Happy, Healthy Puppies

Top Quality English Golden Retriever puppies

...the perfect fit for your family.
We have perfected the delicate art of breeding ethically-raised dogs that complete your family. 
Each cuddly bundle of joy from Northern-Lites is a good-mannered dog specially trained to get along with adults, children, and other pets in their new family.
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What You Will Love About Our Golden Retrievers

Buy Golden Retrievers in Thailand

High Energy Level.

Feeling a little dull lately or simply need to keep yourself active? Our Golden Retriever puppies are high-energy creatures that are always ready and excited to play and have a fun time with their loved ones… Perfect for kids or adults that never seem to run out of energy.
Golden Retrievers in Thailand

Calm Assertiveness.

They never shy away from a challenging or uncomfortable situation. 
Northern-Lites Golden Retrievers are lovers at heart and fighters on the outside… they are fiercely protective of their loved ones and take great pride in doing so.
Golden Retrievers in Thailand
Golden Retrievers in Thailand

Peak Intelligence.

Underneath those pretty-looking eyes is an intelligent dog that is observant of its environment… learns new tricks at incredible speed… and loves to figure out what the humans are up to by studying their actions.
Golden Retrievers in Thailand

Goofy Moments.

They are as playful as excited little kids. 
Creating lots of goofy moments you’ll happily recount to your friends and loved ones… and if you’re lucky, you might capture a lot of them on camera.
Golden Retrievers in Thailand

Not all dog breeders are the same.

We stand behind our Golden Retrievers

At Northern-Lites, we stand behind every single puppy we breed for their entire lives. We will respond to any health, behavioural, and practical issues that may come up in the course of your Golden Retriever’s life, irrespective of their age. 
If at any time your dog seems like a surplus to the family, we will not hesitate to take them back… we brought them into this world and we’ll remain responsible for them until their last breath.

Hands-On puppy care.

The core of our mission is to fill Thailand homes with healthy and happy puppies. 
We achieve this by raising our puppies in a loving environment filled with lots of mental and physical stimulation as well as socialisation opportunities. 
We groom and exercise our pups daily, giving them top-of-the-line food, vitamins, and endless love.

Comprehensive guardian program.

We own and care for all the Northern-Lites Golden Retrievers in our home, meaning we can provide deep information on bloodlines, vet reports, and temperament at any time.

Fully licensed and regularly inspected.

Northern-Lites Golden Retriever puppies receive routine physical and vet checks by a licensed and experienced veterinarian and are raised by families that are government licensed and inspected for compliance with animal laws.

The Bar is High… and We ❤️ It.

Since 1988 when we started breeding pedigree dogs, we’ve constantly pushed the standard of our dog-breeding program higher each time we reach it. Our goal is to create a generation of healthy Golden Retrievers and French bulldogs that are a little better than the previous.

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Retrievers & French Bulldogs

Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs

Northern-Lites Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs is a family-run training & breeding kennel dedicated to producing a small number of healthy field-bred puppies each year.
Looking for healthy Golden Retrievers & French Bulldogs for sale in Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket? We make deliveries to dog-loving families in Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chaing Mai.
2/4 Moo 7, Soi 63, Chaofa Road
Chalong, A.Muang, Phuket 8300
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