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Please note the following

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We only send out Royal Kennels Golden Retriever and French Bulldog puppies to their new families after they have completed their vaccination shots at week 8.
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Shipping outside of Phuket, Thailand comes at an additional cost which depends on the distance.
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To secure your puppy, you have to make a 10% deposit on desired pup. This amount will be refunded if we receive a 4-week notice before the shipping date, 25% returned if we receive a 2-week notice, and no refund if cancelled in less than 2 weeks’ time.

Planned Litter Update 2024

On the 1st of November, 2023, we mated our Chocolate/Rojo French Bulldog Poppy with Playboy, A Chocolate Rojo French Bulldog. Both the Sire and Dam are carefully bred for excellent health, delightful temperament, and playful personality. We take pride in offering healthy and well-tempered French Bulldogs all of which come with verified genetic paperwork from Animal Genetics.
We’re expecting these little guys sometime between 1st and 5th of February 2024. Provided everything goes according to plan, they will be ready for their new families 8 weeks from birth.
We will update this page with images and videos of their development while with us.

Penny & Playboy

Mated 2nd December 

Penny - Rojo and Tan 

French Bulldog
Penny Rojo and Tan

Looking for a beautiful and energetic companion for your next adventure? Meet Penny's puppies! These pups have inherited their mother's outgoing personality and love for people, making them perfect companions for any adventure.

With their exotic-looking coat, Penny's puppies are sure to turn heads wherever they go. But it's not just their looks that make them special - these puppies are highly trainable and full of energy, making them perfect for anyone looking for a loyal and enthusiastic companion.
Playboy - Rojo and Tan 

French Bulldog
Playboy Rojo and Tan
We're excited to announce that Playboy is ready to produce puppies, and we can't wait to see the exciting little Frenchie pups he'll have. With his playful nature and Bella's trainability, we're sure his puppies will be the perfect addition to any family.

Playboy is a brave and curious pooch who loves to explore new places and meet new people. He's also highly trainable, making him an excellent companion for anyone looking for a smart and obedient pup.
All Puppies are expected to be a combination of Lilac & Tan, Rojo and Tan, Newshade and even Isabella . . The colour of the pups /DNA paperwork will determine the price of a pup
Litter Due First week Feb 2024 Ready new homes end of March 2024

Pluto & Montana

Mated 26th of March 2024 

Dark Poodle
Dark Poodle
Pluto is a very handsome dark brown standard Poodle. By using him to mate with Abbey will produce a litter of Golden Doodles

Similar to most crossbreed dogs, goldendoodles tend not to have the same predictable temperament or patterning aspects that the constituent breeds have.[8] Based on genetic theory, well-bred goldendoodle should express behaviours intermediate to their parent breeds.

In general, goldendoodles tend to take on Golden Retrievers' friendly, affectionate, trustworthy and enthusiastic nature;[1] whilst also demonstrating Poodles' reputable intelligence, sociability and trainability.[1] Goldendoodles predominantly exhibit high energy level, loyalty and playfulness;[1] they are friendly with children and considered a good family pet. Because they are so friendly and loyal, however, they are prone to separation anxiety, especially as puppies. The crossbreed often exhibits strong retriever instincts inherited from its gundog parent breeds, which make them have an active mouth and high tendency to retrieve objects.

Abbey is an imported British working golden retriever with 3 generations of verifiable pedigree, registered with the Kennel Club of Thailand, she loves swimming and playing fetch, she has a balanced nature and loving temperament and is always happy and playful.
This mating will produce Golden Doodles

Golden Doodles. Is this a First for Asia? We have mated Abbey with Pluto on the 25th of March. By crossing a Golden Retriever with a dark poodle will create Golden Doodles. A very popular dog in the west. The pups will be ready for new homes around Mid July 2024



Estimated Arrival: End of March 2024

Rojo and Tan
French Bulldog
Big Wig boasts a luxurious chocolate and tan coat with a rare fluffy texture that sets him apart from the standard French Bulldog, making him a standout addition to any family or breeding program. His majestic demeanour and unique appearance promise to turn heads and warm hearts with his one-of-a-kind charm and affectionate personality.
Newshade Lilac and Tan
French Bulldog
Oscar, our lilac and tan French Bulldog, whose radiant coat and spirited eyes are matched only by her playful spirit and loving temperament. She's a perfect companion, capturing the essence of the breed's charm with her unique fluffy fur, adding an extra touch of luxury and cuddliness that's sure to make her the center of attention wherever she goes.
All puppies  fully vaccinated prior to going to new homes 

Whats included in the price ?

 Pedigree or Genetic paperwork
 Health Checked by registered Vet.
 First vaccination.
 Flee and Worm treatment.
 Registered with the Kennel Club of Thailand (where appropriate)
 New puppy welcome pack
 Continuous support and advice
Below are a few quick things to note before you proceed.
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How much do our Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs cost?

Our French Bulldog puppies start from ฿100,000 while our Golden Retriever puppies start from ฿60,000 and that includes a fully refundable ฿10,000 deposit to reserve your puppy. While we encourage families to come around to choose and start a relationship with their preferred dog before taking them home, sometimes it is just not possible to do so.
If you live close by, you can pick up your puppy when it reaches 8 weeks of age. Or, we can arrange shipping of your newest family member direct to your home. 
Our Golden Retriever and French Bulldog puppies come from some of the finest genetic lines in the world we pride ourselves on breeding the very best healthy, well natured dogs all of whom will become a loved member of your family the minute you get one home.

Our puppies mean a lot to us.

Please read our Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs Mission Statement & Puppy Purchase Agreement. 
If you think you meet the criteria we’ve listed and you feel you would be a great pawrent, please continue to the final step. If you don’t meet our criteria but would like to make general enquiries about the breed, feel free to contact us.
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We'd like to know more about you.

Please fill out our puppy questionnaire along with some pictures of your family, home, and present/past pets. We will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.


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