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The Golden Retriever is a gundog originally bred by Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland to retrieve shot game on land and water. He mated a healthy Tweed Water Spaniel with a good-looking yellow Flatcoated Retriever and bred from the offspring… often crossing them with the black Flat-coated Retriever, the Irish Setter, and back to the Tweed Water Spaniel.

These dogs were renowned as good workers, who were not only biddable but good-looking too. These are characteristics we still aim for when breeding our Golden Retrievers.

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Golden Retriever Stud


Though Golden Retrievers are defined by their coat which ranges between pale to dark golden colour but rarely white or red… NorthernLights Golden Retriever stud coats are strictly dark gold.

Depending on what you desire to shape your dog into, our dogs can happily be family pets or proficient biddable working dogs. They excel in every aspect of the canine world and would gladly take an interest in any activity their owner loves.

Golden Retrievers need regular exercise to keep their energy level in check and medium maintenance to keep their coat in good condition. They grow up to become strong dogs and as such require basic obedience training – every dog does.

They are intelligent creatures that thrive where there are strict boundaries. And when there’s none, they’ll use their intelligence to “train” their owners and leverage their lovely expressions to melt hearts and get away with bad behaviours


Golden Retrievers are susceptible to hereditary conditions such as Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia, Eye Cataract, and PRA. We test all our dogs for these problems before mating them and will show you the parent’s certificate before you buy a puppy from us. Our dams are the difference when it comes to achieving the highest quality standards. We take care of all the details and the choice of the best dams is essential to achieving the quality we offer to our clients.

The genetics of our dams not only transmit qualities we desire, but it also transmits nobility, behaviour, and elegance to all our puppies.

All our studs, dams, and their progeny undergo a mandatory health test for:

  • Elbow Score
  • Hip Score
  • And these recommended health tests
  • Eye Examination
  • Gonioscopy - PLA
  • GR PRA1
  • GR PRA2
  • Optional Health Tests
  • NCL5

We know the performance capability of our progeny and the benefits that follow the right genetics. However, our studs and dams are family members to us. We do not operate them strictly for their commercial and genetic benefits.

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